Creating a knowledge-led economy and knowledge-based societies in the world is a key to survival and development of people in the emerging knowledge era.

MKF believes that there exists a great potential in our society to emerge as a knowledge-led economy due to its large but latent talent pool of young population. The challenge exists, however, in transforming its predominantly agrarian or industrial economy into a new knowledge-led economy by developing its talent pool in right direction.

This transformation can be accomplished by imbibing a culture of life-long learning in the society at large. Life-long learning of such a highly populous and developing society can be sustained only if knowledge resources can be made available and accessible to the masses at affordable costs anytime and anywhere. A pervasive and appropriate use of Information Technology alone can sustain the life-long learning in the Indian context and bring the new actionable knowledge within the reach of all sections of the society. A Knowledge Lit Society can enjoy a greater share of global knowledge resources, business opportunities, global job opportunities and becomes an active part of sustainable development.

MKF provides knowledge based solutions for sustainable development of society by offering actionable knowledge and essential services to masses for socio-economic transformation.

MKF’s synthesis of a new paradigm of transformation is to offer education, governance and empowerment solutions and services :
  • to a very large population with various diversities : Bigger
  • with high quality of relevance and applicability in life and work : Better
  • at an affordable cost : Cheaper
  • within a shortest possible time : Faster
  • with a wide accessibility from metros to villages : Wider
  • in a mass-personalized manner : Deeper personal experience
MKF is thus attempting to help lay the foundations of knowledge society so critical for the survival, development and empowerment of the masses.